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Upright Group is a collective of complimentary businesses and passionate individuals that partner with world leading brands. We’re best known for delivering brilliant creative thinking in retail; creativity that engages and evolves the consumer relationship along the path to purchase. We like to challenge preconceptions of what can be done, exploring possibilities beyond that of other agencies.

We know what works well in bricks and mortar stores, years of experience has taught us that, your customers want to be amazed, challenged and delighted. This is what we bring to the table, a new approach with the experience to deliver.

The company started trading in 2005, providing retailers with access to the Chinese manufacturing boom at the time. Since then we’ve used that model to established close, lasting relationships with both client and supply chain. Over the years we’ve grown to increase our services and add value to clients in as many ways as possible. At the core of everything is Retail, we live and breathe it and we love it! Ultimately we work in partnership with brands and retailers to help them achieve their goals. We create solutions that are fit for purpose and designed to lead shopper along the path to purchase and provide the tipping point to a purchase.

One of the main reasons our clients tell us they keep coming back is because we “make the complicated, simple”. This is something you only get with a talented team of individuals with  a wide range of experience under their belts.

Our track record is exemplary, please feel free to get in touch for a comprehensive look at what we do and how we can help you.