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Are charity shops the new rock stars of the retail world? Well, not so long ago, that would have sounded like a daft question. Nowadays, however, the charity shop is in vogue, with Oxfam right at the centre of things. So how did the charity shop – and especially Oxfam’s – become so cool?

19 May | What changes in car retailing can teach us about the omnichannel revolution?

Something very interesting is happening in high-end retail. Brands are working very hard to sell in a way that isn’t about selling. That means goodbye to the old-school style of hard sell and hello to the new way to sell – creating great experiences, developing connections and building on relationships. Don’t agree? Witness just one example, the car showroom. It’s changing at the top end. An article from Retail Focus points this out: “A new relaxed car buying experience has arrived. Car manufacturers are setting up interactive experiences in shopping centres and town centres in a bid to move away from conventional out-of-town showroom set ups, allowing them to reach a far wider demographic. They’re even letting people test drive models unaccompanied.”

Brands like Bentley and Jaguar Land Rover are changing the way they present their products. Instead of draughty showrooms packed full of products, they’re creating pleasant spaces where the product doesn’t even need to be there! This is the rise of the omnichannel car buying experience.


Fashion is a fast moving business. So the fashion retailer that manages to successfully reinvent itself over time is very clever. One fine example of fashion reinvention at work is River Island. Established back in 1948 and remaining a private company right to this day, River Island managed to move on from its somewhat outdated image just a few years ago into one of today’s leaders in high street fashion. So how did it do that?

22 Mar | Why making the complicated simple, is so important in retail...

Making the complicated simple… it’s just something we’ve always done for our clients! Since we started in 2005, retailers and brands keep coming to us because “We make the complicated projects simple” their words, not ours.

We’re uniquely placed to be able to offer a comprehensive service that you can only get from a team with years of experience, versatile skills and industry knowledge and an uncompromising attitude towards delivering the very best for our clients. That’s how we’ve forged so many great relationships with major players in the industry such as NEXT, Absolut, Goldsmiths and Dr Martens (to name drop only a few).

5 Jan | What's in store for retail in 2017?

It’s that time of year when everyone comes up with suggested trends for the year ahead. We thought we’d take a look at some of the best ones… Tech on the rise We’ve looked into our crystal ball and we think 2017 is set to be the year of retail tech. Yes, the new year

8 Dec | Three reasons travel retail is on the up

t’s fair to say that the world has seen a lot of change in the last few months. So, it’s no wonder that there are worries about how events are going to play out in travel retail. But while it’s easy to opt for doom and gloom, we think there are three great reasons to

20 Nov | Brands that impressed us in November

Here at Upright UK, we’re always on the look-out for retailers and brands doing well or doing things a bit differently. Here are some of the ones that got our attention in November… Toys R Us Toys R Us impressed us with a special event on the 6th November which saw all their stores across the country