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Challenge Everything

Creativity evolving relationships

Upright Group is a collective of complimentary businesses and passionate individuals that partner with world leading brands. We’re best known for delivering brilliant creative thinking in retail; creativity that engages and evolves the consumer relationship along the path to purchase. We like to challenge preconceptions of what can be done, exploring possibilities beyond that of other agencies.

We know what works well in bricks and mortar stores, years of experience has taught us that, your customers want to be amazed, challenged and delighted. This is what we bring to the table, a new approach with the experience to deliver.

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Everything you need in one place

We provide versatile and complimentary services, for a wide range of disciplines with one core goal; that all our services help blue chip brands lead customers to sale.

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Challenge everything!

There is a better way to deliver value, and that is why we exist, from the desire to challenge the “normal”, raise the industry standard and to make a genuinely positive impact. By asking the right questions, sense checking and challenging processes, we usually find ways to shorten delivery times, improve design standards or drive extra value into the project.

Coupled with the great relationships we’ve nurtured over the years with clients and suppliers, our “Challenge Everything” approach enables us to service your projects way beyond what you would get from a normal agency.

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The kettle is always on.

Always quality

  • SafeContractor approved
  • QMS ISO9001 registered
  • QMS ISO14001 registered

Authentic original design made to craftsman quality

We have a unique set of skills that enable us to produce not only brilliant creative design, but to make those designs to the highest possible quality.

We’re quality (ISO9001) and environmentally (ISO14001) accredited, as a base standard. But we take it to another level, with robust internal processes, checks and some of the highest ethical, environmental and safety standards in the industry. Our supply chain has to meet our highest standard so we can deliver a traceable production throughout our supply chain and absolute assurance of ethical practices. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do, this is our guarantee.